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I’m not sure how well you know but I kind of enjoy playing this sport called Ultimate Frisbee. You know, a little bit. Occasionally. And obviously, like all casual ultimate players, I brought 50 discs with me to Panama.  I’m definitely not obsessed.

Anyway, now that I’m here, I am happy to say that I am part of a really incredible ultimate community in Panama.  A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Panama (RPCV) and another from Azerbaijan, Ben Searle and Dai Lin respectively, started a non-profit organization called Ultimate Without Borders.

Basically the mission is to work with PCVs to start ultimate youth teams and use ultimate as a tool to develop skills such as communication, goal-setting, teamwork and emotional intelligence. 

Another PCV, Ken Hartman, did some great work in his school on the other side of the country with regards to Ultimate Frisbee. Him and I are teaming up to be the Program Directors for Panama.  So this past weekend the two of us and Ben led a seminar for 11 other PCVs on how to play ultimate and use it as a tool for their own youth groups! We’re planning on doing at least two more of these, hopefully more, and training about 35 volunteers by 2014.

It was SO much fun and more importantly, I can already tell that this will be one of the most productive and sustainable contributions from my service.  I really believe that working with youth to develop these important life skills will be infinitely more helpful to my community than any latrine project, or water system, or grant I could find.

So everyone should go on facebook and support Ultimate Without Borders because it is a truly great organization! (Yeah, I’m shamelessly self-promoting here).


Here are some pics from the training this weekend: 


ImageKen and I at the Training of Trainer’s


ImageLot’s of PCVs are about to start ultimate clubs!


Teaching the game :)




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