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Finally, water is pouring from the 50 taps that dot the community. Finally, potable water is available to 600 Lajas Blanqueños. Finally, one year and 6 months after living here, I can begin working.

I don’t mean that in the literal sense, I have been working, but the nature of my work has changed entirely. And I’m glad. My life before this was the endless pestering of the Panamanian Government to come through on their promises; it was kindly asking them to process their paperwork faster and making sure they hadn’t lost it; it was tirelessly frustrating. My job was almost entirely outside my community. Go to Panama, talk to the government, check on the status of legalizing the water committee, email, email, email, phone call, phone call, phone call. It seems many people like to dress up and go to work and few like to do their job.

Until now, we had not been able to catch a break. There was a problem with the original budget that had somehow not accounted for the connection of the pump to the electrical system. That took a year in and of itself to get worked out. Then there was the accidental machete-ing of an electrical cable. That was another nightmare. Then there was the flood, which brought its own mess of damages.

I am not so naïve as to think that this is my work or that this is the completion of a goal. This is just the beginning.




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